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Sonica is a mobile app for team communications

Busy workplace? Sonica is a business oriented mobile communications app that combines familiar communication tools - voice, texting, & groups - in one place so your team can exchange information faster to get things done.

Coordinate your teamwork with Sonica's light, simple, and modern smartphone & tablet apps for iOS and Android devices. You can set it up yourself using this website, no IT help and no credit card required.

push to talk compatibility matrix
Sonica push to talk app on iPhone 6

Talk instantly with Push to Talk (PTT)

Push-to-talk. You probably remember the old Nextel "chirp" from back in the day (and you either loved it or hated it). Sonica is like a version 2.0 of that concept and it starts by adding a virtual walkie-talkie to your smartphones and tablets. Saying "copy that" and "ten four" is way faster than a phone call & you can reach groups of people at once. It’s literally “push a button” to talk.

The people who love push-to-talk do so because they've experienced first hand its effectiveness at coordinating multiple people towards a common goal. Alternatives like calls and texting become unwieldy as groups get bigger, but pressing a button and talking is always fast. And, even when not participating, just passively listening to the team's chatter, like a radio station, helps keep everyone current with what’s ongoing.

Now, we'll concede that the "chirp" is a blast from the past and might bring back memories of noisier days for some. But, Sonica resolves the intrusive aspects of PTT style communications with its innovative turn it off and listen later feature, and by combining it with texting and multimedia.

push to talk memberships

Why Push to Talk?

push to talk teams


Easily talk to sets of people whose memberships align with how your company is structured. Using Sonica, you make it more efficient to delegate tasks between groups and make sure everyone in that group is instantly aware of the information or request just expressed.

push to talk animation

Faster than Calls

Pushing a button and getting right down to business without the small talk has its perks. Business productivity demands it. Since its invention over 70 years ago, nothing is better than push-to-talk for speed. There is no dialing and the style is "copy that" and "over and out" which keeps conversations short and to the point.

handsfree push to talk


You can use a variety of push to talk headsets for handsfree use.*

*Android only

cellular push to talk

Any WiFi or cellular network

Sonica runs over any wireless Internet connection such as WiFi or cellular 2.5G, 3G, or 4G networks. In fact, it will automatically switch between networks almost instantly such as if you walk out of a WiFi area and get into you car. See the technical specs for the fully nitty gritty.

groups and solo push to talk

Talk to one or many

Sonica instantly connects you to all the people you select. For one on one conversations, PTT keeps things short and sweet. When it comes to groups, nothing beats PTT at coordinating a group of people towards a common goal in real-time. This is why it is entrenched in aviation, defense, first responder, and other communication critical team endeavors.

push to talk do not disturb toggle

Do not disturb mode

When you press the home button on your phone (i.e when you get out of the Sonica app) all audio automatically turns off. During this time, such as while in your pocket, you'll get a notification chime whenever someone talks or messages to you. Just swipe to re-enter the app and the audio will play back. You never miss a message because everything gets recorded while you're gone so you can listen whenever you want.

Using Push to Talk

push to talk step 1

Pick who to communicate with

Create ad hoc groups on the go to talk to multiple people at the same time

push to talk step 2

Push and hold button to talk

There is no dialing and communication is instant.

push to talk step 3

Online recipients hear your in real-time

Your voice streams live to the people who are in the app now, or, on Android, who've enable Sonica's background mode

push to talk step 4

Offline recipients listen later

Sonica makes sure everyone can hear what you said while at the same time allowing users to turn off the walkie talkie (usually just by exiting the app) and keep their phone from blaring out.

Sonica group chat on HTC One

Business texting for teams

Let's face it. Group texting is kind of broken. Even today, standard carrier group texting doesn't work between Androids and iPhones. And, it's annoying when all your work and personal communications appear together on your phone.

Sonica gives your team a special spot for business text conversations. Instead of using their regular texting (iMessage or Android), employees go into Sonica for all business texting purposes. This keeps work and personal life separate, and for the business owner ensures they can keep a copy of all communications to help with record keeping, auditing, etc.

Group chat enhances team communications because it’s quick, familiar, and direct. It complements PTT, especially in noisy environments. And, some personalities just prefer the 'text chatting' communication style.

cross-platform group chat across iPhone and Android devices


It's Familiar

Sonica’s built in group chat was made to look as close to possible as the original SMS app on iOS and Android. This reduces the learning curve so your team can hit the ground running and just get down to business.

Blazing Fast Messages

Even when you exit the Sonica app to the background, your group chat is always on. In such cases, your messages arrive as push notifications so you never miss a beat. Of course you can silence notifications at any time, for example, “silence notifications for 4 hours” or “silence notifications until tomorrow at 8am.”

Keep Work Separate

Employees prefer to keep their work related communications outside of their personal iMessage or Android texting app. Sonica gives them a separate consistent place for work texting and talking. Optionally, the business can archive all communications.

Read Receipts

Easily talk to sets of people whose memberships align with how your company is structured. Using Sonica, you make it more efficient to delegate tasks between groups and make sure everyone in that group is instantly aware of the information or request just expressed.


There is no dialing and the style is "copy that" and "over and out" which keeps conversations short and to the point.

Unlimited free texting between Sonica users

Sonica is an app which runs on smartphones. Since it uses your data connection you don’t need special radio frequency licenses like with regular walkie-talkies, and you can just use your building’s WiFi network or any cellular network worldwide to stay connected seamlessly with only a tiny amount of data consumption

Multimedia Included

multimedia combined with push to talk

Send multimedia from the job site

From your phone, just pick the people, choose a video from your mobile phone library or start recording, and then Sonica compresses and sends it. There is no maximum length, but videos are big so you'll want to be on a fast network like WiFi or 4G, and you'll need to give it a minute or two to finish. You can still do other things like audio, texting, etc. while the upload is in progress.

...directly to the intended recipients

Sonica users can view the multimedia messages directly on their smartphones in up to HD quality. Or, they can use the multimedia web viewer to see it on the big screen (below).

Using Sonica to view media on computer while push to talk in progress on smartphone

Talk about the Visual Situation Live

If you’re at a computer when you receive a Sonica photo or video message, you can pick it up fullscreen on your Mac or PC (via the web-browser) in up to HD quality.

Often, you're sitting at a computer, doing something on the Web, when your phone receives a message. We thought it would be neat to let you view the message in full-screen on your computer's web-browser instead of on your smartphone's smaller screen, so we created what we call 'second screen.' Essentially, you link your phone to your computer one time, and then from that point on, if your phone receives a message notification, you can choose to view it on your computer's web browser instead. Note: for photos & videos only.

Location Too

Why explain where you are when you can just send your exact location on a map? With tight GPS integration on your phone, Sonica lets you send yourself as the dot on the map, and beneath it a beautifully detailed and zoomable Google Map for recipients to figure out what's next.

push to talk with location messaging
Push to talk Team Directory

Synchronized Team Directory

The team directory lets you create a central list of contacts that gets pushed out automatically to all your team's devices in the field. When you add a contact, it's added everywhere. When you remove a contact, it's removed everywhere.

By this, you don't need to swap contact info manually amongst all teammates. And, you decide who’s on the list and who isn’t. Company admins (you) can access the team dashboard after choosing a plan to modify the member lists.

Sonica team communication dashboard

Shared Contacts List

On entering the Sonica app, team members all see the same list of contacts. Just tap on one or more names to start a conversation with them. Easy and done.

synchronized team directory across devices

Try Sonica

Sonica is forever free for teams of up to 4 people. Use the easy setup wizard to guide you through the quick process of getting you and someone you choose set up so you can try it out together. The wizard helps you get the app onto your test devices via the iTunes or Google Play app stores.

It also automatically sets up your Sonica address book so you can push-to-talk and chat with each other without extra setup. Later, when you're ready to grow your deployment, you can use the team deployment wizard to rapidly get your additional teammates onboard and automatically configured so you can all get back to work.

Sonica app administration portal