Team Deployment

Manage and build your team, no IT help required

Sonica team communication dashboard

What is Team Deployment?

Team deployment is the process of getting your teammates to install the app on their devices. The deployment tool lets you send them SMS's and track who has accepted and who needs to be nudged again with another text or email reminder. The system will send the reminder for you.


  • Push the app to multiple people, fast
  • Track in a single spot which teammates still need to install the app.
  • Send SMS or email reminders directly on demand to teammates that want to join your team

Bulk Invite

Grow the team, fast

Sonica team bulk import

What is bulk invite?

Bulk invite lets you send text (SMS) or email invites to more than one person at a time. For example, you've used Sonica with a few teammates and now want to expand to more people in the company. Simply cut and paste the list of people into your team dashboard


  • Process large lists quickly
  • Import contact lists from your external systems