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push to talk overview

What is push-to-talk?

Push to talk is a voice communication style in which you press a button to transmit your voice and release it to stop. There is no dialing or ringing. Push to talk is typically used by groups working in a team environment. Other names for push to talk include PTT, walkie-talkie, or press-to-transmit.

Why is this useful to my team?

  • Push to talk is much faster than calls
  • Talk to teammates on and off all day long without having to be fully engaged
  • Multi-task but stay aware of what’s going on
  • Handsfree increases safety on the job
  • Access your team’s expertise at any moment

What is Sonica?

Sonica is a push-to-talk service for smartphones. This website helps you deploy Sonica as an app to your and your teammates’ Android or iOS smartphones. The Sonica app is auto-configuring, contains a built in teammate directory, supports groups, and delivers crystal-clear, reliable, and high-performance push-to-talk to your entire team or company.

Compared to carrier offerings, Sonica PTT’s primary benefit is that it works across any network. This frees you from having to move all your phones' contracts to that carrier. With Sonica, PTT is just an app that is compatible with all networks so it doesn’t matter which one they’re on.