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Rugged Push-to-talk Integrated Smartphones

Sonica and Sonim Technologies, a leader in the PTT hardware field, have partnered to deliver a tightly integrated Android-based PTT experience. By melding hardware and software, your users in industrial or rugged environments can instantly access PTT communications with a physical button press at any time. The Sonim XP6 and Sonim XP7 feature a 110db loudspeaker (the loudest in the industry), outdoor readable display, gloves capable touch screen, remarkable battery life, extended temperature operation, and man-down capabilities for emergency SOS calls. Sonica provides dedicated PTT hotkey and enterprise-grade app run-time protection for always on, always available PTT service on any network.

Sonica Single-Use Device Provisioning

Although the bring-your-own device (BYOD) trend is growing in popularity, sometimes employees can’t or don’t want to use their personal smartphones for business communications. For example, companies with union employees can’t ask them to install business apps on their phones without paying their entire cell phone bill!

The Sonica Device Provisioning program elegantly solves this problem. Sonica procures low-cost off the shelf Android smartphones on your behalf and “converts” them into a single-use device that ONLY runs Sonica from boot up to shutdown. You can think of this as a communicator device that’s perfect for hospitality, restaurants, retail, or other environments where you have shift-based employees and want to use Sonica as a dedicated advanced walkie-talkie communication system in your business. The devices arrive to you fully configured, with manufacturer warranty, for operation on your internal WiFi networks and optionally with cellular service included.

Wearable Push-to-talk Accessories

The Sonica wearable hotkey solution allows you to comfortably talk or listen via integrated clothing clip-on (lapel style) and Kevlar reinforced cable headpiece available in a variety of styles and custom sizes. By reducing the need to pull your smartphone out of your pocket, your business can project a more professional image while simultaneously enhancing the clarity and efficiency of team voice communications.

LMR / Two-Way Radio Gateway Solution

Sonica’s radio gateway solution provides you with a means to interconnect your legacy or existing two-way radio systems with Sonica. Smartphone users can talk directly to two-way radio users and vice-versa. The solution consists of a hardware gateway appliance which we send you for local installation at your two-way radio site and supports DMR, NXDN, Tetra, P25 and analog radios. Contact us for details.

Bulk Charging Solutions

With larger deployments, centralized device charging and storage helps streamline operations and reduce downtime due to misplaced devices or batteries that have run out of juice in the middle of the second day of continuous use because it wasn’t charged properly the day before. Sonica carries a variety of charging solutions catering to 10 to hundreds of centralized devices.

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