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Sonica Carrier and OEM solutions enable you to embed innovative, agile, voice-powered communication into your network & products.

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Sonica Carrier / OEM

Sonica Carrier & OEM solutions enable you to deliver mobile push-to-talk (PTT) and chat services to your customers under your own brand. We provide flexible commercial and operational models that grant you with core technology licenses or turn-key white label solutions to offer PTT services with minimal engineering effort on your part.

Whether your goal is to generate new revenues, open new markets, enhance your products, or replace legacy systems, Sonica can strategically help you get to the next level.

Sonica push to talk app on iPhone 6

Licensing Models

White Label Model

Under this model, the Sonica iPhone, iPad, and Android apps are re-branded as your own including customizations to colors, logos, and app name to ensure a consistent experience for your users. Benefits include speed to market and minimal engineering. Language localization and translation options within the apps is also available. And, importantly, the entire system runs on a private push-to-talk platform for your use only.

Communications SDK / API Model

Under this model, Sonica licenses to you a C/C++ embedded software development kit (SDK) and reference API that allows you to embed PTT services directly into your software or hardware applications. For example, a wearables or handset manufacturer would use the embedded SDK to integrate PTT into their end product. Benefits include a substantial decrease in development complexity, and the ability to roll a strategically innovative and product bolstering feature directly into your product. Technical complexities like push-to-talk signaling, IP networking, echo cancellation, and hardware-specific microphone and speaker drivers are handled for you. We focus on the tech, and you focus on what you want to do with it.

Carrier / OEM Benefits

In-Country Deployment

If you are a telco carrier in for example Saudi Arabia or Kazakhstan, you need your push-to-talk platform to be locally positioned near your users. As part of Sonica Carrier solutions, we design custom system architectures with in-country POPs to maximize your performance, control, and integration in your local markets.


Sonica uses distributed computing concepts allowing you to scale the system up to telecommunications carrier size deployments. Running on telecommunications NEBS compliant HP Proliant BladeSystems and private cloud infrastructure, you also gain highly flexible deployment configuration capabilities.

Telco Grade “Five-Nines” Reliability

The Sonica core technologies are able to run resiliently and redundantly with active-active site configurations, database clustering, and other techniques to ensure uptime for mission critical applications.

Flexible Commercial Licensing

Sonica price structures are designed to appeal to a variety of use cases from 1000 to millions of users, and with pay-as-you-go, monthly, and lump sum commercial arrangements to fit your business model.

C / C++ High Portability Technology

Since Sonica’s core technologies are all written in C and C++, you benefit from being able to embed push-to-talk in everything from smartphones to wearables to future Internet of Things hardware.

12 Years in Business

We have the stability to stick around. Our parent company, ChitChat Communications, Inc, was incorporated in 2003 and backs Sonica 100%.

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