Automatic Setup

Get your team rolling fast

Automated setup of push to talk company network

What is automatic setup?

Automatic setup makes sure you can all see the right contacts in the Sonica app. It minimizes the effort for new users to join your team because they just have to download an app and provide their email address. We send them a verification email and once they click the link they're joined to your team and you can all start talking whenever you want.


  • Remove all setup complications
  • It just works (kind of like magic?)
  • Reduce time and effort (as time is money)

Automated Join Rules

Add email domains like "" to grow your team

Domain administration of push to talk network

Auto-growing network

In addition to the people you explicitly invite, your network also auto-grows itself as word spreads throughout your organization of this snazzy push-to-talk system and more people at your company download the app on their own. Newly joined users are auto-matched to your company and automatically appear in everyone else's PTT contact list so they can talk to each other right away.


  • New users join without intervention
  • They appear in everyone's team directory automatically
  • you decide who’s on the list and who isn’t